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about coffee, passion and unique personality

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an excellent coffee experience



Red Meow Coffee

Red Meow Coffee is about 

coffee, passion and unique personality.

We are a small batch specialty coffee
roastery founded in January 2017,
dedicate to sharing our love and passion
on coffee to all of you.


Team Red Meow Coffee

Our team has Roaster, Barista, and Cupper,

every character has different responsibilities.


Good coffee relies on good green beans. 
We have licensed Q-grader,
COE International jury
and well-trained cuppers. 

They have wealth of experience and passion

on cupping and green bean sourcing. 

Our cuppers work closely with our roasters,

aim at source coffee with quality and traceability around the world. 
Since unstable roast speaks nothing on coffee quality, our beans are under the watchful eye of our team.

“Coffee roasting is a collaboration of science and art – a good roaster as well.” 

our Roaster and barista

Our roasters observe, record and understand the scientific changes occur on every roasting process, 
yet we take roasting as an expression of art. 
We roast our beans scientifically, 
but we treasure the delicacy of beans and are willing to express them well in a most distinctive way.

Barista is at the forefront of coffee operations. 
Our team of baristas is trained to provide brewing advice to our customers on different mediums 
(e.g. espresso-making, Pour over, syphon and etc.).
However, our barista team is not merely satisfied on technical brewing. 
They would also love to share the story behind each coffee to you.

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TEL: 852-6918 9030


Location: Shop no. G05,G/F,
Block 7, City Garden Shopping Centre,
No.233 Electric Road,
fortress hill, Hong Kong

Tasting room opening hours:

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